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February 22, 2009


Dear Friends ~*

I just visited Janet at her blog and saw her Night at the Oscars post
and thought it would be fun to play along ~
so here is my night at the Oscars ~*
My dress~

My shoes, my bling, my date ~*

Now that I am finished playing ~

The reality *

The dress ~*

The shoes ~

My date ~ especially when Mark sees that I've chosen Dermot Mulroney first, well, at least he's wearing a tux!

I hope your night is lovely ~ whatever you choose to do! Blessings, Katie


ghs89class said...

AWESOME! how fun.... wish I had time to play along. but the oscars start in an hour and I haven't even done my hair!! AHHHH!!!! No photos please! your dear friend..... anna :)

Jan said...

Thanks for commenting on MY blog...here I am at yours. I'll add you to MY list, also. Your's is fresh and fun....and Oscar Night is TOO funny. I'm in my jammies! Oh, can't access your email thru your site, so will be posting instead! Are you on FB?

Alice said...

this is priceless - mind if I steal? with a link back to your place, of course!

Patti said...

wait! the comment I just left about stealing the priceless post - my daughter had logged in on my computer! she's not even a teenager yet!
anyway, it was from ME:)

Linda said...

Love it!!! I was in my jammies, too.