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December 26, 2008


Everything Will Be All Right
Christmas is the promise
that the God who came in history
and comes daily in mystery
will one day come in glory!
God is saying in Jesus
that in the end
everything will be all right.
Nothing can harm you permanently
no suffering is irrevocable,
no loss is lasting,
no defeat is more than transitory
no disappointment is conclusive.
Jesus did not deny the reality of suffering,
discouragement, disappointment, frustration,
and death, he simply stated that
The Kingdom of God would Conquer All These horrors,
That the Father's LOVE is so prodigal
that No evil can resist it.
Dec 21 reading from Reflections for Ragamuffins
By Brennan Manning
* prodigal ~ reckless extravagant
Merry Christmas Time
Dear Friends

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