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".. from my ragged heart to yours"

November 3, 2008


Barn burned down.
Now I see the moon.

Dear Friends,

This quote is in response to all of my friends
who will be disappointed with tomorrows outcome.
As I have dear friends on either side
I know I can be confident in this sharing.
It is a really tough or emotional choice for many
and tough choices are not always right versus wrong.
Sometimes they are right versus right.

Whatever happens -- this I know
we will be all right.
I have complete faith and trust in God.
Enough said, I just wanted to share pictures of the
finished Pumpkin Man hanging on my door on
a hanger my dear friend Relyn gave me.
Love, Peace, Joy



JenX67 said...

So beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love the quote and will add it to my facebook page.

MuseSwings said...

Excellent words for the day! Love the quote!

Your pumpkin hanger is wonderful!!!

Nathalie Thompson said...

An absolutely FABULOUS hooked rug hanging! You have a very talented and generous friend in Relyn.

I have to admit that I felt an overwelming relief after voting this morning-- indecision had been causing me stress.

TamboinMO said...

Katie, I love how you have him embellished!!! Too cute!!! I have a couple of those old hangers...now I know what to do with them!!!
Thanks for the idea!

Miss Sandy said...

Pumpkin Man turned out great!

I wholeheartedly agree, we will be OK, God is ultimately in control. I do have a voting story for you. A man in line in front of me kept turning around and trying to sway me to his political preferences. I smiled politely and said nothing. He was a persistent chap and boldly asked if I was a McCain or Obama girl and who was I voting for. I told I was a Jesus girl and my vote goes to Him because in the end He has the final say. He hushed up and turned around.

Anna said...

thank you katie - for your thoughtful words :) Your pumpkin man looks fab! have you named him??

dulcy said...

I love Pumpkin Man!!!


Marie Reed said...

I am in love with that quote!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Okay, Girlfriend. Time for something new to read! ;) Thinking of you. :))

summersundays-jw said...

OK!!! Now I'm starting to get worried. Where have you been. We're missing you. Jan