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October 11, 2008

~*ThiS cOuLd Be tHe StArT oF SoMeThiNg BIG!~*

~**~ HAPPY FALL ~**~

I love this pumpkin couple from Leola's

Dear Friends,

Things I love about Fall!
The beginning of a new rug for my Fall front door~

Mr. Pumpkin Man

Top picture, my good friend Dulcy,
rug designer extrodinaire.

Below, is Tammy, our rug hooking teacher

and dyer of the most perfect colors of wool

for rug hooking.

Visit her blog here ~ Skip To My Ewe

1. Rug Hooking

with friends at Simply Fibers

on Wed. nights.

2. Putting together Fall


to decorate our home.

3. Being Inspired to create new things!

4. Going to Leola's

for friendly coversation

and fabulous vintage

Fall-themed merchandise.

Here's hoping all of your

Fall Days are days

you love!


Patti said...

Wow - looks like you've been busy! I haven't started to Fall my house yet, still trying to do a bit of end-of-summer cleaning and sorting:)
This is most inspiring!

Miss Sandy said...

The rug looks like a fascinating skill to learn. I have two vintage rugs made in this method and love them!

My darling little package arrived and I hope to get a post up tomorrow about it. Thank you so much, loved it!

Have a wonderfully blessed week!

Charlie McGee said...

Hi, Love the photos, and everything is so colorful. Love the rug, make sure to show a photo of it when done. I've only done a bit of decorating, most is still in storage, I think. lol.

Have a wonderful week.

Miss Sandy said...

Your daring little darling ATC is on my post today and I left a link back to you! Just love her! Thanks!

Debra W said...

Wish I could come by and do some rug hooking with you on Wed. nights!

Beautiful post with lovely photos! I feel inspired to go and create something now!


dulcy said...

Fall is a wonderful seasons! Love your pics.!

Another fun night of hooking this Wednesday, although I may be bringing my knitting instead...see you tomorrow!


Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful, can't wait to see the rug hooking finished!

JenX67 said...

i love all this stuff!!! you really inspire me to get out my stuff and create something! seriously - i have a major project brewing in my mind. when i finish it, i'll post pictures on my blog and write about how you inspired me!!! of course, it might take me six months!

Trudy said...

I love your blog. I found you through a link at Tammy's blog.
Please visit my blog if you get a chance as I have an award for you there.


Linda said...

Oh, oh, oh!!!! Rug hooking is on my list of "to do's". I have a tool and some wool. I have some patterns. I just need more time. When I go to the International Quilt Festival here in Houston every year...I stand and salivate at the rug hooking booths. sigh...

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the fall too...the kids and I have been busy decorating and just spending time outside enjoying the changes and the air!!! happy fall! Melinda

summersundays-jw said...

OK!!! I'm getting my fall"stuff" out tomorrow. I've been working so hard on Christmas that I'm missing fall. Your pics always make Leola's look so good. Thanks! Jan

Marie Reed said...

I misssss Halloween! You can't find pumkins here in France... except for a shard of one for cooking:) Your word art is so eyecatching! I am going to put you on my favourites list:)