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September 7, 2008


LiFe Is GoOd!

Flowers are still blooming

Our neighbor's cute kitty,
Oliver (Ollie) comes
over to visit ours!

Meet Durango,
a miniture mule.
(My husband works for Counsel of Churches
and one of the ministries is Theraputic Riding.
So we manned a booth at a mule show last weekend!)

A hanger I made to brighten up the
outside of my classroom this year!
(i put an imagination quote by Walt Disney on it!)

One side of a wand I made for Melinda)
The other side of the wand

Helping Jaclyn make sailors for outside her classroom

Celebrating Brother
John's Birthday at Does Steakhouse

Mother and I
She's doing GREAT ~ just returned from Ireland!
My wonderful first graders this year!

Flowers are blooming and show no sign of

Slowing Down!

Good things are happening in life

and show no sign of

slowing down!




Jerusalem said...

what a good start your fall is off too! have a blessed week friend!

dulcy said...

Love the wands!!! See you tomorrow!


Melinda Cornish said...

you have been busy and there is my beautiful wand! thanks again so much...Melinda

Linda said...

I also love the wands!!! I should make some wands!!! Adding those to my "to do" list.

Patti said...

Your students - and friends (especially Melinda - love the WAND! and Dulcy, who said "see you tomorrow") are so lucky! Thanks for sharing all the photos. The flowers are amazing - did you alter the top one?
Seems like September is promising much change...

jenny fowler said...

katie, you have so much going on. i like your wand and hanger! your mom and you look great together. i'm so glad that you have so many "flowers" in your life. i hope this school year is fabulous for your life - personally and professionally. what a blessing for those kids to see the face of Jesus on you everyday!

Relyn said...

Those sailors!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!! Love you and how you always find joy. Let's go on another field trip soon.

kaytebug aka Kaylea said...

Have a good week...
I just got back from JBU...
Brennen Manning is the speaker the next three days...
(I'll bet the podcasts will be up on their site this week)...
Thinking of you today...you would have smiled at his patchwork jeans.

I love the pics....you look like you have a fun class!

JenX67 said...

I love that picture of your mom at 18. Also, I have the book, Marigold Garden, from my childhood!

Genevieve said...

Love the wand ! Yeah! Ollie is so cute we have a Tuxedo cat too and I just love her little black and whiteness!Happy Fall!"see" you soon!

Miss Sandy said...

Life indeed looks very good in your little corner of the world! Love all those blossoming botanicals and smiling little faces of your first graders.