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May 31, 2008

~**~ HaViNg SoMe SumMeR FuN!!!~**~ Leola's Open House & KC trip!

Leola's daughters and grandaughter
there to welcome you and make you feel welcomed
with a smile, laugh, or some lovely goodies!

Two dolls I would love to take home
and alter up a little!

Those brownie bites covered in
powder sugar were dee~lish!

Name hanger I created for
Beth's daughter Shelby.
Trip To KC
Stayed on the Plaza
and went to all my favorite places:
The Cheesecake Factory
& The Curious Sofa

Mark even found something to amuse him!

One of my favorite things to do in stores
like Anthropologie is to rearrange items
and then take pictures of them!

Fill in the blanks with two A's

Where we plan on going for vacation
after our next big one to Canada next year!
(Mark lived there for 2 years and really
wants to go back and see it again ~ he
doesn't have to twist my arm)

Name Hanger for Chris
(I got it into the mail for her today!)

Summer is in Full Swing
At Ragamuffin Gal's!!!


Relyn said...

I somehow missed this post last night. I LOVE it! Your pictures in shops always turn out so great. I love how you put your name onto the shelves. You are creative in ways big and little.

I had to smile at what a match we are. We just went to KC. We went to all my favorites Anthropologie, Cheesecake Factory, Paper Source, art museum, and now Curious Sofa. I have a picture I took of the Curious Sofa mirror in the bathroom. Funny.

Canada? I am so excited for you. Where in Canada? I love B.C. and want to explore it more. Must run for now. Will call to schedule our play date.

Leigh Ann said...

I just moved to KC and love going to the plaza. I have yet to make it to Curious Sofa though I saw their booth at a Christmas Fair. Beautiful stuff!

So where is Leola's? It looks like a fabu store. And my grandmother's name was Leola. I was named after her.

Cheers! LA

janw said...

Thanks Katie for all the great pictures you took in the shop. We'd like to borrow the one of all of us for our website. You do great work! By the way, tell Leigh Ann that Leola's is behind Lamberts in Ozark. Ck. out out website at leolasantiques.com.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Those are some of my favorite places too! Are you near KC? I am in Lawrence and am having a real life (instead of virtual) blogger tea party, if you are near and would like to come and meet other KC area bloggers.

Jerusalem said...

what a great little trip to KC. Love that Curious Sofa and Anthropologie - so much fun! And I love your idea about re-arranging things - brilliant! Have a fab weekend dear friend : )

Contessa Kris said...

The pictures are gorgeous! I'm totally in love with the tea towels pic. I really need to visit Anthorpologie again soon.