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April 27, 2008

~Weekend ~*~ Treasures~

Dear Friends,
The moment your eyes see it, you know it just had to be yours ~
That's what I thought when I saw these three friends in
their bathing suits, looking so grand in the chippy metal
vintage frame. They look so delectable in our guest bath
which is becoming filled with vintage sea items!
I found them at Leola's. I also found some
chandelier baubles to use in my art creations.

I found a beautiful new blog to visit
called Pretty Petals Boutique.

Lastly, I saw two movies this weekend
that I loved so much I had to watch one over again.
August Rush and Juno.

I do have to teach the 1st grade kiddos tomorrow
and I need to look over my new copy
of Cloth, Paper, Scissors that came in the mail
yesterday. It's past 12:00 now so
good night dear ones.


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh my gosh I love your framed ladies! I love anything with a seaside theme! =) You have a beautiful blog - what really got to me was the lovely quote from Proverbs you have on your sidebar - I really needed to read that this morning! =) You have a fabulous blog, and I will be back!

Jerusalem said...

I loved August Rush! Have you seen Once? The music will be stuck in your head and it is sooo good!

fated follies studio said...

I loved August Rush but wasn't that impressed with Juno. I don't really know why... Hmmm. Okay, so the dork that i am, I need your address again as I finally have your package ready. lol, sorry.


Chris said...

I love your "Bathing Beauties"! What a great way to decorate a bathroom! You should post pics :)

Jan said...

Thanks so much for being such a good & loyal friend & for coming to see us at "Leola's". The girls enjoyed yours' & Mark's visit. I'm going to watch your movies & I also heard that "Once" was wonderful. Jan

janw said...

Thanks for stopping in at Leola's. I love your picture. I'm checking out your movies soon & I also heard that "Once" was wonderful. Maybe we'll get my blog going one day soon. My Mom would love that her pic was on the internet. Jan

Nathalie Thompson said...

OMGosh! Your's is the first boog give away I ahve won and I am SOOOOOoooooo excited!!!! *happy dance*happy dance* I will email you shortly. :D

Linda said...

I haven't seen August Rush. Must look into that one. I did love Juno... in fact I told my son to buy it for me for Mother's Day. I love Ellen Page. I've tagged you.... go see my blog!! Oh...I see Chris was here..I tagged her, too...

Linda said...

My emails to you are bouncing! You need to send Tina your home addy for the RAK list.

Dulcy said...

You're right....that picture is wonderful! Your blog is fabulous!
Maybe see you at Arts Fest..


Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

so glad you found my blog because now I found yours!
I love that first shot of the bed!
going to go read more,

Angela Harris said...

That picture is so fun. I want to take one like that! August Rush is one of my favorites now but doesn't top Moulin Rouge . :)