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March 21, 2008

Soo Good Friday

A lot of people are buying new ones or planning what shoes they will wear for Easter Sunday.
I was so excited to put on my flip flops (out of my 20+ pairs) today! (I wanted to find one of those count down counters for my blog that would say
"___ more days until Flip Flops.")

Thinking about feet reminded me of what Jesus did on the last night he hung out with his friends... which was.. washed their feet. It's called servanthood and it is living a life of compassion for others.

Jesus says He has given us an example to follow.

Henri Nouwen calls it "downward mobility." It's becoming participants in God's compassion and in doing so reaching out to all people, at all times, with God's heart. A favorite song of mine goes like this
"Jesu, Jesu, teach us how to serve
teach us how to love
The neighbors we have in You."
Blessed Easter!

(This is what I am wearing on Easter)


bluemuf said...

I enjoyed your lovely post

Have a Blessed Easter


Fete et Fleur said...

Wonderful Post! Servanthood is a powerful concept and definitely not one most people think about. Beautifully presented.

Happy Easter!

Miss Sandy said...

Hi, Miss Sandy here, thank you for joining the Easter Parade! Love the message of your post. It reminds me of the Scripture that says beautiful are the feet of the saints that share the gospel! Beautiful feet indeed, and cute shoes too! Have a blessed Easter!

Lori said...

i hope you have a blessed Easter:) and thanks so much for coming over to see me!!!

Relyn said...

Thank you for sharing some time with us this Spring Break. We had a terrific time. Happy, blessed Easter. We love you and Mark.

Relyn said...

Thank you for spending part of your Spring Break with us. We had a terrific time. (And, I love the picture of Sloane with the chicks.) Happy, blessed Easter. Know that we love you and Mark.

Fated Follies Studio said...

I am such a space head. I kept asking where you lived but of course I knew. sorry. You can't imagine the comings and goings of my brain. How was your Easter?

Fated Follies Studio said...

Here's a link to make a widget for a customizable countdown, if you can guess the number of days until flip flops days. I keep all mine in a large tupperware container all winter and I can't wait to pop them out either!


Bejeweled said...

I hope you had a wonderful, blessed, happy Easter!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to visit! Feel free to stop by anytime.

Nathalie Thompson said...

Another lovely post. "Simply" profound. I kind of liked your flip flops as Easter foot gear- edgey! Did Jesus wear leather wingtips? I think not! lol

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I'm definitely a flip flop gal, any shoe that stifles my toes is buried now under piles of sweaters that will soon be boxed up for storage.

Beautiful blog.. I'm so happy I stopped by! ~Monica :)