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March 3, 2008

Days Like This

Sick Day
Icy Day
Wind slapping your face day.

Gray Day
Cold Day
Watch out for slipping on sidewalks day.

Heater on day
Hair in ball cap day
Cat sitting in your lap day.

Spitting snow Day
Sleet on windows Day
Hoping for Spring soon day.

Every year about this time I get sick with anxiousness for Spring. I really like winter but by this time in the year my body aches for the warmth and glow of sunshine. The only cure for this feeling, this fever is more... more... more COWBELL! So I am going to go watch Best of Will Farrell and try to get back on track through laughter! Here are some of my other cures for days like this:

Having a great visit from a good long time friend like Jama!

Going shopping at The Curious Sofa with Dulcy
Making a name hanger for your OWOH winner and mailing it!

Going into my studio and beginning a new Spring project!

Dreaming of the ocean and this summer!
And... visiting Relyn's New Blog!


Jerusalem said...

I am so with you! More cowbell!
Lol. It snowed today, first (and prob only) snow of the year. I am happy it came for my kids to enjoy, but I am in so in need of some warmer weather and sun, sun, sun!
Love ya friend!

Dulcy said...

Hi Katie!

Love the picture of your studio. You really changed things around! Can't wait to see it in person!


comesitbymyfire said...

I hope today was a much better day. A NO SCHOOL SNOW DAY! Love you!