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December 15, 2007

It will or won't snow today?

wAiTiNg FoR sNoW .*~*

A precious lazy Sat. morning finds me baking cinnamon rolls, decorating to Holiday tunes, creating Christmas dangles, and making lists and checking them twice. We are all waiting for the big snow storm (of 6-8 inches) that the weather people have predicted. In the meanwhile I took some pictures to share with you of my favorite ornaments and decorations. I will post a finished shot of the rooms when I complete decorating (although I am never quite finished decorating - - always a little more here or there).

In an effort to connect with some of you who read and don't post comments, I will be having a drawing from the comments posted from today (12/15) until next Sat. 12/22.

3 winners will receive a *~Snowflake *~*
Dangle~* like I am making for my Secret Santa plus another secret bonus gift!

O'yeah... Today is my 16 year anniversary from when I had my brain aneurysm burst and had my surgery to clip the broken artery! I cannot believe I am still here! That day I was prepared for any potential outcome and here I am with only a memory. If anyone would like a copy of the story I wrote about it, I will be honored and glad to dust one off and
send it to you!


Jerusalem said...

I would love to read about that - how could I have not known? And of course - throw my name in for a dangle - how wonderful!! Hope you get some yummy snow - I know my boys would be sooo excited to see some!

Krista said...

Hi Katie,
I would love to read your story! Please know that your mom (and you) will be in my prayers tomorrow.


kaytebug said...

Think of you often.
Miss seeing you on Sundays.
16 years. Wow. that means I've known you for more than 20 years....wow.

Know I though of you today and smiled.

TamboinMO said...

I had no idea of your story! Always learning about the people we know! Hope you have a blessed Christmas....I'm adding you to the list of my "angels on earth" friends....people who shouldn't be here, but by God's miracle you are still walking among us!