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December 24, 2007

*~Merry *~* Christmas~*~Eve!~*^*

Here is a writing that was written by a friend and sent to me during this Advent Season. On this Christmas Eve I wish to share it with my friends in hopes it would speaks to your hearts as it did mine. Blessings!
Mary's Baby
Most of the time in my life, I seem to be in the process of questioning what God is up to. Am I supposed to being involved in this? Is this what he wants? Am I to just be waiting? I can't help projecting those feelings onto the characters of the Bible as I read their stories, up one minute and down the next, trying to love God.

I hope you connect with my walk in Mary's sandals. I wish I were there to read it aloud for you with the voice of frustration, exasperation, excitement and amazement.

How can it be? It is so unreal to believe this baby inside me is the Messiah! Was it really an angel? I don’t understand how, but even Joseph was convinced. Now it all seems to have gone wrong. Surely riding this donkey to Bethlehem is not part of God’s plan.

Joseph knows the pains are beginning. Mama said it would be disastrous to take such a trip with the time so close, but what does Herod know. We must find a room before Jesus comes. I can make it a little further. (giggle) Poor Joseph. He doesn’t know whether to hurry the jogging donkey or allow it to walk as I try not to cry out with the waves of pain.

Oh God in heaven!! Surely this is not your plan! We have come almost to the city, but I can not go further. The baby is coming. There will be little privacy, because this inn, like most, simply has a roof with rooms, almost stalls, around the inside, but a place for a bed and a fire and a little food. That’s all we need.

No one offered to disturb their sleep with a woman crying out in childbirth. The innkeeper motioned us to the stable. I must to be strong for Joseph’s sake.

To enter the little cave I was careful where I stepped, but inside it was no use. The filth and stench of the manure and rotting hay almost overwhelmed my stomach. Joseph pushed animals aside, spread clean straw and the robes we used as padding on the donkey. "God, I am so sorry!!!"

I marvel during the hours of pain how gentle this carpenter is. He provides a fire and comforts me, preparing as I direct. My God, I promised I am your servant. What have I done to ruin your plans that I should give birth to the Son of God in such a filthy place. It can not be. You would not permit it! I must have misunderstood. I was so silly and naive...

What a beautiful baby. Joseph handles him so carefully! He tries to make me comfortable and clean the mess. Huh! Messiah, here? How ridiculous, an imagined angel, an old-woman’s fanaticizing from Cousin Elizabeth. The gossips of Nazareth were right in their scorn, but it doesn’t matter! My baby, is strong and beautiful!

Now what? I am so tired! Are these men drunk? Such rowdiness. Joseph tries to provide us privacy but these smelly jerks are arguing with him. I hear snatches. “Angels singing.” “A savior”? “… born in a stable”???

They come and kneel in the mud. "Lord God!! It’s true!!!!" Even the shepherds know.

- Romona Baker

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TamboinMO said...

I love this! Sending it on to my aunt!