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December 29, 2007


Celebrating Christmas
with John & his family

A Collage Art piece
I created for a gift this year.

My Class waffle and pajamma party
at school on our last day (of 2007) together!

One of my first (05) mixed media
Christmas pieces on an antique
hanger given to me by Relyn
One of the art dangles I made
for my blog winners ( This one
went to Tambo)
Yes! It's real and I have more like
them! It was a great blooming year
for my favorite flower! (My mom
got the best one! It had four blooms
on it, and then produced two more!)
I found this vintage snow angel
in Hot Springs with Elaine
on New Year's day 2000!

One of my little Santa's Helpers!

One of our trees! (The one Mark
lets me totally decorate the way I desire to.
I use all my old old vintage ornaments,
antique photos, snowflakes, and white lights).
A pre-Christmas gift from mom from one
of our favorite stores - Traditions in Lebanon, MO.

1 comment:

Dulcy said...

Hi Katie!

Love your Christmas pics.! Your amaryllises is gorgeous. I brought mine up from the basement, but not getting any blooms. Lots of green though. I may cut it back and start again........dulcy