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October 20, 2007


our living room and mantle
are dressed for Fall!
Pulling it all together is the beautiful
Harvest banner Jerusalem created
and gave to me when she and Nathan
stopped by on their trip.

What I did with the vintage
image I purchased at the
Bygones shop in Galloway Village.
A dangle I made using an image from
Hiphopjingleboo (I attached it
to Pumkin man's wreath)
Mr. Pumpkin Man

we have some major space reorganizing and revamping going on at our home. after having pulled out several things for our garage/junk swap sales, we have decided to redesign and refinish some walls and floors at the Struckhoff household. We have decided on a basic color scheme and mark and I are heading off to lowes and home depot. In the meanwhile I am sharing some pictures of our Fall mantle decorations. Fall Blessings!

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Jerusalem said...

Oh how cute everything looks! I love it! I can't wait to see what you do - we will have to make a special trip back to celebrate with a House Re-Warming! Happy Fall my friend!