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September 9, 2007

~* YUMMIE Sights, Smells, Tastes, Oh Mie ~**!

Chocolate Crepes

Maybe it's because I have spent a few lazy late summer days walking around my neighborhood and curled up on the sofa rug hooking and watching movies like "Remember the Titans" (which should be on my all time favorite list) or watching too many IHOP commercials (the ones with the crepes). And thinking about how fruitful of a time it was at this time on the farm I grew up on. (blackberries, peaches, oh my!) But these images are especially appealing to me now so I'm sharing them with you. The recipes can be found at Martha Stewarts website.
(Please don't tell Paula Dean I'm cheating on her with Martha)

Lemon Crepes

Yummy Crepe Cake!

Hope you enjoy looking at these dreamy delights. I know they say nothing taste better than thin, but I don't know about that as I could dive head first into this cake! Guess I better go take a walk around the neighborhood or a cold shower.

Next week I will be posting my swap items in progress. I have to get them mailed by the 20th of September (the same night as our school's Open House) so I am getting busy. My problem is that I have too many ideas. Anyone out there want to help me decide? The theme is pumpkins and black cats. Just let me know. Thanks! k


TamboinMO said...

Yummy! I made something very similar to the crepe cake a few years ago....it was a lot of work, but TOTALLY worth it!!! Just to see it is justification enough!
I think you've just GOT to do the black cats!!!

Jerusalem said...

I adore crepes - savory and sweet!