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September 1, 2007

*~* Good Bye Summer *~*

Today I bid summer ~*~ToOtLe LoO!~*~ I regret to see summer go but it has to for my favorite season of the year to arrive and that season is AUTUMN!!!

Two and a half weeks ago my school year began. I am back at Thomas Elementary teaching 23 very bright and gifted First Graders how to read, write, add, create patterns, and practice self control. Which is very hard for most of them. There are so many funny and treasured stories that happen every day and I usually leave school with a glad and thankful heart for my career.

I have a particular touching story to share with you from this week. As teachers we all have those "special needs" kiddos in our classes. One of our first graders named Hank suffers from a crippling disease that causes him to only be able to walk short distances and by the end of the school day, Hank is very tired. Because of this we have a wheelchair ready for him to use as needed. While on the playground, those of us who have duty always try to get Hank to the door prior to blowing the line up whistle.

On one particular day, we failed to get him to the door early. So after the whistle had already been blown, we looked to find Hank way up on the other end of the playground walking slowly and carefully toward us. There were various obstacles between him and the lines and door. Hank slowly hobbled towards us.

I am calling out directional strategies to Hank while trying to get the rest of the first grade lined up, quieted down, and ready to go inside for lunch. Suddenly a small boy from my class (who had been hanging on my right leg trying to balance on his own) calls out, "Wait a minute Hank, I'll come and help you!"

What is so beautiful about this is that this little guy has his own physical challenge. He too has a serious limp and one elevated shoe to help him walk. He rushes to Hank's aid, places his arm around him, and helps Hank (who is twice his size) down to the line up.

As I watched the duo limp and stumble down the playground and over the obstacles together, I had a clear picture of what God's deepest desire is for us. To take the focus off of ourselves and personally getting ahead, and put it on others, especially those with great need.

This was a beautiful illustration of God's gracious love and care for each of us. I wish I could have taken a picture of these two buddies struggling to make it to the recess door together in order to share with you. This is one picture I will have in mind's scrapbook which I will never forget. Please say a prayer for all of our dear and precious children everywhere who are beginning school. My 2007-2008 First Grade Class!!!
Aren't they a cute bunch of kids?
Oh... And I am looking forward to Fall! I love my life!
Blessings to you dear friends!!!

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Jerusalem said...

How beautiful and how true! Now I am all teary!! Thank you for sharing. I know that those kids and parents are very, very blessed to have you as their teacher this year!