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July 20, 2007

The Rocky Mountains

~*~ If YoU sTay On tHe PaTh, YoU'lL MiSs AlL tHe FuN!~*~

After traveling many miles across Kansas, reading Soul Graffiti to each other as we took turns driving, we made it to Silver Creek (in between Winter Park and Grand Lake Colorado). After checking in we discovered a few obstacles with our loft condo.

A tiny and I mean tiny staircase to the very high upstairs loft. I had reservations about night trips down those tiny stairs to get to the restroom downstairs. That coupled with a few other things led us to ask to switch accomodations.

They not only did, but upgraded our accomodations for no extra charge to a fabulous condo up on the mountainside. It has a great view of the mountains with big floor to ceiling windows all along the side. It is beautifully furnished and very spacious. It even has an indoor hot tub. It is a gracious gift!

Not that we are ever here at the condo to enjoy it that much. We are always out! Our typical day goes like this: We wake up, read, eat, do some yoga, plan our adventure. Go hiking, take pictures, snack, explore, stop at interesting places, look, see where that path goes, read, eat, enjoy, share our pictures with each other, finish hiking, go back to the condo, eat, read, stretch out, rest, prepare for the next day.

I love the saying "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" We'll I took it a bit further because I have learned if you break off the well worn path, sometimes you discover something amazing!

What Our upgraded accomodations look like -
We are more excited about each of us
having our own restroom and shower than the hot tub!


Dulcy said...

Sounds like a blast! I checked on kitties today. Sofie was so cute and followed me around while I looked (with Jim helping) for Fezzie. Finally found Fezzie under the couch. Played a little with Hiedi, although she was a litttle nervous about us. I'll probably drop back by tomorrow. Can't wait until you get home and we can see pics. over coffee and chat!!!

Jerusalem said...

Oh, what fun. Sounds like the best vacation! Have fun discovering your own unbeaten path!