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July 9, 2007

Ahhhh... Summer,

Summer Theme shirt
that Spiritual sister's Linda, Krista,
and I decided to wear this summer.
On the back is Zoe's Coffee Cafe.
Zoe means "full" life.
(The shirt has a cool redemption story
that goes with it.)

Pretty summer bouquet from Dulcy

These snapshots will tell the story better than words of what I have been up to during the 5th and 6th weeks of summer vacation.

Krista's Birthday party at Touch Restaurant.
Barbra was in attendance as well as
Relyn, Mandy, Anita, Melody, myself,
Kristen, Krista, and husband Brent.

Hanging out with friends afterwards at Mandy's place.

What I made for Krista, a wooden box holder for pencils, flowers, ?? with
vintage pictures and sparkles, titled "The Princess of Kitty's."Krista loves animals as much as I do with 4 cats and a Newfoundland dog. Side of box

Packing medical field boxes to ship to Nicaragua

Celebrating Kelly and Jacinda's Birthdays at Haruno's.

Rena trying out new Sushi.

Kelly's beautiful smile.

Cindy and Rena looking relaxed after having a
break from teaching.

Pretty Jacinda enjoying one of her favorite places to eat.

Completed collage art dangles


Jerusalem said...

I love all your collage's and art dangles. Do you sell them? Looks like your summer is as busy as mine! Good, but busy!

Dulcy said...

Hi Katie!

Love all the pictures on your blog! It's a way for me to visit everyone from school. Can't wait to see/hear about Colorado. Hope you're having (and I'm sure you are) a fabulous trip!