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June 23, 2007

Saturday June 23

Today I am celebrating...

- My friends Dulcy, Marty, and Colette's birthdays!

- Our Godson Ben's and nephew Eric's birthdays!

- I am so happy they are in my life!!!

(even if I don't get to see some of them as often as I would like to!)

- It being the end of summer school and my teaching responsibility for 6 weeks (although it is a little bit like youth ministry, one is always thinking of new ideas to try and how to strengthen one's ability to become better at it.)

I am looking foward to the rest of the summer!!!

Vacation to Colorado, trips to KC and St. Louis, A girlfriend trip with my mother, rug hooking, grilling out with friends, My brother's 4th of July party, our 26 year wedding aniversary, and spending time in my studio being inspired and creating and writing.

Hoping your day and week are blessed! I love my life and I hope you love yours too!

Learn to enjoy the little things -

there are so many of them.


and because I cannot resist...
For most of history

anonymous has been a woman.

- Virginia Woolf

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