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June 15, 2007

2 Weddings and A Funeral

Mark, me, mom, and Johnie
last Saturday

2 Weddings and A Funeral

The first 2 weekends of summer vacation were spent attending weddings. Last weekend we attended my Aunt's funeral. Amazingly all three definately lifted my spirit and made my heart glad.

I chronicled the first wedding (a beautfiful outdoor country wedding shared with dear friends from our Texas life) in a previous posting. The second wedding was an elegant small church wedding for the first child of an old college chum (who was the first of my friends to start having babies). Two lovely spirits. Matthew wants to teach and he married a sweet girl, Teresa, who wants to open a children's dance studio. It was a loving ceremony and we were delighted to be a part of their new beginning.

Lastly, I attended the funeral of my Aunt Juanita. I was so amazed by how many cousins came to the service. My dad and all his siblings from the 80 acres my grandparents owned have all passed away into eternal life. It is only the cousins (sons, daughters, grandchildren) and my mom that remain. It was a touching ceremony and my cousin Ken gave an awesome eulogy for his mother that made all of us so proud to have been a part of Aunt Juanita's and our family's legacy. I think all of my aunts and uncles would be proud of this day and the loving bond, connection, and support we all have for each other.

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