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May 28, 2007

Memorial Weekend 2007

What a wonderful weekend for an outdoor Wedding in the country! Mark officiated the marriage of Ben and Amity in a a beautiful outdoor setting complete with a large white tent, lots of flowers and little girls in white flowing dresses, family dogs with ribbons as their collars, and a setting that looked like it came out of the pages on Country Living magazine!

And what a great day and way to reconnect with old friends from when we lived in Texas. What precious treasure they are to us! I found out Julie is reading the same book as I am and also loves Anne Lamott. We wondered over a glass or two of wine why we ever let the distance separate us. How true the saying "Hold fast to a dear friend."

The pictures above (and below) give you a little view into our magical experience. It was complete with the reluctant flower girl who was not sure she wanted any part of walking down the aisle. A few moments after I took this shot, she flew down the rose petal lane to the front of our outdoor santuary. Our friends, Julie, Tom, and daughter Erin. Mark tried to keep the candles lit before the ceremony began. As you can see a whole lot of love went into all the preparations and decorations. What a wonderful way to begin the first official weekend of summer!

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